The path back to love

I have loved coffee since before I was allowed to drink it.  I still remember my first cup, sitting at a diner with my grandmother at the age of 13, talking over how my life had changed after my parent’s divorce.  I became enamored with the culture of coffee, the beauty of the drink and the ways of other coffee lovers, during my college years as a coffee girl at two of the most popular coffee chains in the country.

After I became a mother, like most of us, my mornings were a rush of diapers and baby food, Cheerios and lost sneakers.  My coffee, a once treasured part of a leisurely morning ritual, was reduced to a hurried push of a button and coffee being made instantly for me.

After seven years of sacrificing the quality of my morning cup of joe, I have declared “No More!”  I am returning to the tradition that is coffee and learning how to make the best cup of coffee I can in my own kitchen.  Along the way I am learning the scandalous history of the devil’s cup and asking why we love it so much.  Join me in the search for the perfect cup.

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